Design Guidelines for Mobile App

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March 16, 2016

Design Guidelines for Mobile App

Design Guidelines for Mobile App Developers

Mobile apps have now become the foremost choice for web marketers to grab users’ attention. A fully featured mobile app can’t be overlooked when all the marketing materials are properly incorporated. While creating a mobile app is a necessity for every business, another important matter is effective designing and of course mobile app development process. Many mobile app development companies already taken this process into account but not all of them are efficient enough to be real head-hunters in the mobile app market.


From the development point of view, user experience (UI), user interface (UI) are the two important aspects that every mobile app developer should pay attention to. Determine your target audience and their needs prior to developing a mobile app, as failure to considering these critical aspects can result in the reliability and credibility of your business app being awfully destroyed. In this post, I have discussed what mobile app development companies do to develop a mobile app that actually matters.

Responsive Web Design

Nowadays, mobile phones are not the only gadget that support apps. There are iPads, phablets, and many other operating systems that are being widely used. To meet the displaying needs of multiple operating devices, responsive design must not be overlooked.

Keep it Simple

Keep it simple is the rule that is always misunderstand by many mobile developers, entrepreneurs and web designers. It simply means to the part where the user does not need to scroll the whole guidelines to start using the app. It must include a few easy steps to understand the whole function of the app with greater ease.

Evaluating the App

While measuring your mobile app for ideas, the best strategy is to involve the actual end users in the development process. If you keep them involved to get their opinion, chances are they will keep using it. All you need to do is to make your app interactive.

UI Graphics

Instead of implementing a lot of text, try using visuals that attract users. Believe me, users are more attracted by graphics and visually presentable things rather than long text.


Follow App Store Guidelines

For every mobile app developer, it is necessary to make the app more effective. There are certain guidelines that are provided by every operating system, make sure you follow the guidelines in order to come up with an improved design format, this will save you time. Before your app is available on Apple or Google Play store, check its functionality carefully.

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