4 Mobile App Development Trends

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March 7, 2016
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April 2, 2016

4 Mobile App Development Trends

4 Mobile App Development Trends You Should Know

10-mobile-app-development-trendsNo matter if you order your favorite dress or food, book a restaurant, pay bills, or do any routine activity online, obviously you perform all such activities by using your smartphone. Mobile devices are playing a crucial role in simplifying our lives by changing the ways of completing our daily tasks. It is not at all wrong to say that mobile apps have become the essential part of the digital world. Staying up-to-date with the latest mobile app development trends is also integral in order to get the most out of them.      

Cloud Technology

The booming cloud technology is predicted to play a crucial role in the mobile app development revolution. The upward shift in the usage of mobile apps makes mobile app developers motivated to create more integrated and synchronized apps for multiple devices. The cloud technology will help mobile app developers to build functionality that can be easily used in a number of devices with similar information and features. There are a number of mobile app development companies using cloud-based app development platforms. Mobile app developers are provided with the tools for developing an app, integration, testing and submitting the app to the app stores. It makes the mobile app development process faster with no in-depth technical information for those key activities. 

App Security

There is a concern of hacking data and 75% of mobile apps would not be able to pass the basic security tests. Hackers abuse the security gaps in mobile apps for getting sensitive and confidential data. App security will remain the biggest challenge in the mobile app world. It has become a dire need for mobile app developers to take security issues seriously and find the solutions for insecure data, unintended leakage of data, broken cryptography and more.

 Wearable Technology

The wearable technology has become very famous in the electronics market. Many wearable devices are developed exclusively for health and fitness. But now, they are expanding and expected to utilize in businesses to improve the productivity and efficiency. The motivation among mobile app developers for developing cross-device applications that has a real potential to be functioned over a cellular and wearable device both or any other device is a positive sign. It is also expected that perhaps it will open the doors of unlimited scope for new apps by breaking the limitations of traditional health and fitness apps.

Beacon Internet Technology

No matter if it is a retail sector or an advertising agency, beacon technology (Wi-Fi) has eliminated the difference between online and offline. The technology is adopted in iOS and is predicted to follow in android systems in the coming years. Almost every industry is getting benefits from internet services. It is utilized in large buildings to provide internal mapping and you can easily find the list of last known locations tracked by using beacons.

Mobile app development companies are going through a competitive phase in meeting the increasing demand for mobile apps. Knowing the latest trends of mobile apps helps them to create an app with the latest functionality and that helps create your brand’s ubiquitous presence.

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